Brownhill Learning Community

Groundbreaking new achievement for BLC students

On October 25th at approximately 4pm 4 tired but happy BLC students achieved what no other BLC students have achieved before... they completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

They had just arrived at a tiny hamlet in the Peak District known as Perryfoot, which in its usual sleepy state, had no idea that the 4 young people had just completed a journey of 50km over 2 days to get there.

This was also the end of a 6 month learning journey in which Zoe, Luqman, Emily and Adrian have learnt first aid, navigation, how to put tents up, the country code and how to cook on trangias.  They have completed 6 months of biking, 3 months of litter picking, 3 months of bike maintenance and 3 expeditions to get to their own bit in the middle of nowhere, on that particular road junction surrounded by farms.

In doing so they join an elite group of teenagers.  Only 5% of 14-25year olds achieve their D of E Bronze and as such it is a highly recognised and valued award that will massively benefit our students in their future search for further education and employment.

Their D of E Leader Thom Hall said "I am immensely proud of them, they have met all the demands of an expedition and passed them with flying colours.  They have been really focussed on this and the amount they have learnt is incredible.  While the award has been achieved through cycling, what they have progressed in most is confidence and independence, and I think that will take them far".

What did the students say after 2 gruelling days in wet, cold conditions, huddled up in tents on a freezing October night? "We don't want to go home, can we keep going!" Absolutely amazing!!