Brownhill Learning Community

Brownhill Learning Community

Growing Relationships

The aim of the gardening project is to grow relationships between pupils, staff, parents and eventually the wider community.  We are embedding the gardening project into the curriculum to include science, literacy, numeracy, art, design & technology and social skills. 

We aim to give our young people the experience of the world of work by creating gardening produce to sell.  The profits from any sales will be reinvested into the project to allow further development.  Young people will be involved from the design and planting stage right through to harvesting the produce.  They will be expected to keep records of costs, maintain logs and growing diaries and learn all associated processes with the project.

This project is lead by the Youth Team and supported by all BLC staff.  Work will continue during school closure periods when all involved will be welcomed and encouraged to continue their support. 

Click on the files below to download a copy of the plans:

Gardening Sessions Plan - Seeds