Brownhill Learning Community

Brownhill Learning Community


Pupils with EHC Plans

Please refer to the RMBC Travel Assistance Policy below:

RMBC Travel Assistance Policy 2017

Please find below the application for RMBC Travel Assistance:

Rochdale Borough Council 5-16 Travel Assistance Application

Pupils without EHC Plans

The BLC only offers travel assistance to those pupils whose needs are such that they are unable to travel independently safely.  If your child is entitled to travel assistance this may come in the form of a private hire taxi with or without an escort or by way of minibus with an escort.  Travel assistance is organised and provided for by the Local Authority and a member of their staff will contact you to make arrangements upon admission.  

Please refer to the Brownhill Learning Community Travel Assistance Policy below:

Travel Assistance Policy

Any queries relating to your child's travel assistance should be directed to school who will liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf.  It is important to note that the Local Authority reserve the right to withdraw travel assistance for pupils if they feel that their behaviour is so severe that it may cause a danger to drivers, escorts or other pupils accessing the travel assistance.   If it becomes the case that your child has been refused travel assistance by the Local Authority, school will arrange a meeting with you to discuss possible alternatives.

If your child is not entitled to travel assistance and needs to access public transport, they may be entitled to a free bus pass. Please enquire at admission for details, you can download an application form by clicking on the file below:

Brownhill Learning Community Bus/Train/Metrolink Application Form