Brownhill Learning Community

Brownhill Learning Community

Impact Statement for Key Stage 2 – 2017-18

  • All primary pupils made progress in one or more areas of Literacy, Numeracy, RAGS and PIVATS
  • 10 pupils made expected progress in Numeracy
  • 21 pupils made progress in Numeracy
  • 9 pupils made expected progress in Literacy
  • 17 Pupils made progress in Literacy
  • 24 pupils made emotional and social progress as indicated by PIVATS
  • There was a 9% rise in the amount of Green lessons recorded on RAG scores
  • 13 pupils improved their lesson engagement as shown by RAG scores
  • Primary pupils attendance and punctuality is good – 87 %
  • Primary pupils are keen to attend, engage in both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. They make efforts to learn and progress is evident.

Assessment Methods 2017 onwards


A means of scoring how pupils are engaging in class, Red, Amber, Green. RED - not accessing, GREEN - engaging well


A means of assessing a pupils social and emotional well-being.


A means of assessing a pupils progression within a subject.

Academic Progress

Expected Progress

1 Pearson Step


1 sub-step


For Primary, the range is age related. Each set of age related expectations are broken down into sub-divisions, i.e. 1 Emerging, 1 Developing, 1 Secure. To make expected progress, they have to complete all 3 sub-divisions in an academic year.

Personal Development

Progress is based on individual need and will not look the same for every pupil. Some of our younger pupils need 1:1 support to be able to access a group setting. We also offer intervention provision to enable our pupils to gain the skills to access learning. If pupils access the intervention support provided, and move into a group setting, this would be good progress. If pupils are able to function in the classroom well and are engaging in their learning and they are developing socially and emotionally, they would be making progress.