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Brownhill Learning Community

Impact Statement for Key Stage 3 - Darnhill Site

  • All key stage 3 pupils made progress in one or more areas of English, Maths,, RAGS and PIVATS
  • 31 pupils improved their PIVATS
  • 13 pupils made expected progress in English
  • 19 Pupils made English progress
  • 20 pupils made expected progress in Maths
  • 23 Pupils made Maths progress
  • 11 pupils improved their RAG scores
  • The number of GREEN lessons as recorded by RAG score increased by 6%
  • Attendance - 77%
  • The vast majority of key stage 3 pupils are keen to attend, engage in lessons and other activities. They make efforts to learn and progress is evident

Academic Progress

Expected Progress

1 Pearson Step


1 sub-step


Pupils are expected to make one step progress per year. If they make more than this they are closing the gap towards their potential attainment; as indicated by their KS2 SAT score (or teacher assessment where KS2 score not available)

Non-Academic Progress

Progress is based on individual need and will not look the same for every pupil. For example, some pupils arrive with us with very little or no attendance at main stream, therefore if their attendance is substantially increased and they are engaging in school, this could be good progress for a particular child.

For some children, they may not have left their house or attended a school for some time. Therefore, any engagement out of the house would be good progress.

Some pupil’s behavior presents a barrier to engaging well in the classroom. Therefore, any engagement with the Youth Team or working 1:1 with various staff, with short periods in the classroom would be good progress.


Expected progress would be if a pupil's attendance is improving and is engaging well in class and with the curriculum.

Kevin Jones

Centre Manager, Darnhill Site