Brownhill Learning Community


All pupils from Primary through to Year 11 are expected to wear full school uniform.  Upon admission, pupils eligible for pupil premium will be issued with one sweatshirt and one polo shirt free of charge, every academic year.  For all other parents/ carers, they will be expected to purchase uniform from school.  For prices and to download an order form please click on the file below.

  • Black BLC polo t-shirt
  • Red/ black BLC sweatshirt *
  • Black pants or skirt - for all students
  • Black BLC Fleece - for Year 11 students only
  • Plain black school shoes and plain black pumps
* The colour of uniform will depend upon year group and base, you will be advised of this at admission.

For more details about the full requirements of the Brownhill Learning Community school uniform, please click here.

Pupils are permitted to wear a small pair of stud earrings only, any other jewellery will be taken from them upon arrival and kept safe until the end of the day.