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Apprenticeship Bulletin

Please see link below for access to the bulletin:

Here is a link to information on financial support from Bury College (Means tested bursary) bus pass etc.

Could you please pass this information on to parents/carers. Any issues you can email the college direct or if you prefer you can get back to me.

Hopwood Hall College's brand new 'Preparing for College' webpage is now live. This is a really useful page to visit to download those all-important pre-enrolment packs for each of our study areas.

Please see link below and share with your pupils and parents/carers:

Student Information / Careers News - What's up and coming / Vocational Courses?

Brownhill Learning Community adopts a whole school approach to National Careers Week involving employers coming into school and a lot of work in planned lessons looking at ‘The World of Work’ and how our young people can aspire to do whatever they want to do if they put in the time and effort.

Career Guidance Interview Preparation Information

Please view this PowerPoint Presentation to see how to best prepare for an Interview

positive steps career guidance interview preperation

How to Prepare for a Careers Interview

Activities to help me research careers

Here are some activities you might find helpful to get you used to researching careers related topics.

Why not have a go? You can do these whether you have specific career ideas or not.

It shows you some of the useful websites out there to help you.

Task 1 - Researching Careers


  • Look up
  • Pick a job category, for example healthcare, and list 5 jobs in that section
    • For each job find
      • A brief description of the job
      • Entry requirements
      • Skills and qualities required
      • Details about the working environment

Task 2 - Identifying my skills and qualities and suitable careers

  • Using  take the buzz quiz –
  • Answer the questions honestly and you will be given your own profile all about you.
  • You will be given an animal that suits your personality and it will tell you all about you including popular career ideas and celebrities who have the same personality type as you.

Task 3 - Post 16 options

  • When you leave school you have a few options – you can study at a college or 6th form school or college or start a job or apprenticeship.
  • If you don’t quite feel ready for a job but don’t want to go to college you might want to look at training and do a study programme or traineeship.
  • Look at their websites and see all the courses they offer and how they are different.  A small selection is below but there are lots of colleges and providers in the Greater Manchester area.

Task 4 Progression Plan

  • Have a go at completing the progression, or action plan and send it to your careers advisor.
  • This document summarises your situation and sets plans in place for the future.
  • It can really help your Career Advisor to see where you are up to and what you might need help with.

Follow the link below to the Progression Plan

workbook careers guidance interview preperation

Local Colleges and Providers   Oldham College   Oldham 6th form college   National Apprenticeship website North Lancs Training Group

You might find the websites below useful as a starting point for research into your future career

General career websites (lots of information about different careers)

Local Sixth Form Colleges Specialist Colleges

Local Vocational Colleges (All also offer apprenticeships)

Apprenticeships (This site lets you look at all local apprenticeship opportunities)

University (This site lets you search all University courses and their entry requirements)

If you have any questions or require further support, you can contact us using the details below

Tel: (0161) 621 9300