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Brownhill Learning Community



This scheme aims to ensure that no child starts the day too hungry to learn.

Brownhill Learning Community already offer breakfast provision for all our pupils, offering toast and Weetabix.

With the National School Breakfast Programme grant our school will receive, the scheme will give the school access to more breakfast food varieties, including warmed bagels and different types of cereals.

Bagels are being offered as they are filling (1 bagel equates to 4 slices of white bread), tasty and a popular part of a healthy breakfast. They are low mess and no fuss, makes them very handy for classroom breakfast and ‘grab and go’ provision.

This scheme will be offered in the Autumn and Spring Term 2020-2021



Each pupil will be offered the following each morning:

KS1 Pupils (5-7yrs) ¼ of a Bagel plus a cereal of their choice

KS2 Pupils (7-11yrs) ½ a Bagel plus a cereal of their choice

KS3 Pupils (11-14yrs) 1 full bagel plus a cereal of their choice

KS4 Pupils (14-16yrs) 1 full bagel plus a cereal of their choice

All pupils will be offered this provision before lessons start. Bagels will still be available for any late attendees from the school office to consume before they attend their first lesson.



School will also offer parents breakfast food packs to collect from school if their child has to self-isolate due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

The packs will include 5 bagels and a box of cereal to last the week. more packs will be available each week if children have to remain at home for more than 7 days.