Brownhill Learning Community

Day to Day Essentials

School Uniform

All pupils from Primary through to Year 10 are expected to wear full school uniform.  Upon admission, pupils eligible for pupil premium will be issued with one sweatshirt and one polo shirt free of charge, every academic year.  For all other parents/ carers, they will be expected to purchase uniform from school.  For prices and to download an order form please click on the file below.

  • Black BLC polo t-shirt
  • Red/ black BLC sweatshirt *
  • Black pants or skirt - for all students
  • Black BLC Fleece - for Year 11 students only
  • Plain black school shoes and plain black pumps
* The colour of uniform will depend upon year group and base, you will be advised of this at admission.

For more details about the full requirements of the Brownhill Learning Community school uniform, please click here.

Pupils are permitted to wear a small pair of stud earrings only, any other jewellery will be taken from them upon arrival and kept safe until the end of the day.  

School Meals

School meals are available for all students wishing to order one.  The daily menu consists of one hot meal, salads, jacket potatoes and sandwiches with a choice of fillings.  There is also a salad bar and a choice of pudding every day.

From September 2015, the price of a school meal has risen to £2.00 per day.  If your child is eligible for free school meals, we require proof of eligibility from the Local Authority before a free school meal can be accessed.  It is expected that the cost of your child's meals is paid directly to the school office either on a daily or weekly basis.  Advanced payments are very welcome and can be paid by cash or cheque made payable to Brownhill School.

Please be aware that persistent non-payment may result in your child's school meals being withdrawn until any debt is cleared.  If you child's debt reaches £20 your child's school meal privilege maybe withdrawn if payment is not made.  If you are struggling to keep up with payments or have any other concerns relating to school meals, please contact us on 0300 303 8384 and we will be happy to talk to you.


Pupils with EHC Plans
Please refer to the RMBC Travel Assistance Policy, available from the SEN Team at the Local Authority-Rochdale Council.

Pupils without EHC Plans
The BLC only offers travel assistance to those pupils whose needs are such that they are unable to travel independently safely.  If your child is entitled to travel assistance this may come in the form of a private hire taxi with or without an escort or by way of minibus with an escort.  Travel assistance is organised and provided for by the Local Authority and a member of their staff will contact you to make arrangements upon admission.  

Please refer to the Travel Assistance Policy below

Any queries relating to your child's travel assistance should be directed to school who will liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf.  It is important to note that the Local Authority reserve the right to withdraw travel assistance for pupils if they feel that their behaviour is so severe that it may cause a danger to drivers, escorts or other pupils accessing the travel assistance.   If it becomes the case that your child has been refused travel assistance by the Local Authority, school will arrange a meeting with you to discuss possible alternatives.

If your child is not entitled to travel assistance and needs to access public transport, they may be entitled to a free bus pass.  Please enquire at admission for details, you can download an application form by clicking on the file below.