Brownhill Learning Community

Behaviour Policy

In Brownhill Learning Community, we respond to the needs of each individual student.  By doing this we allow them the opportunity to reach their full potential, as learners and as responsible citizens that take a full and active role in their communities and society as a whole.  In order for students to reach these goals we need an ordered, settled environment where students are treated fairly and consistently.  A therapeutic approach to behaviour management is taken which allows staff to work with confidence when managing a range of behaviours.  This approach allows for learnt behaviours to be adapted and modified in order for the individual to reach the goal of being able to take their rightful places in society.

We believe a that we should respond to difficult situations in a planned, well-considered and proactive manner.  

We also firmly believe that is is not the sole responsibility of the staff in the BLC to manage pupils behaviour and we work in partnership with parents and carers and other agencies to support our young people.

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