Brownhill Learning Community

2016-2017 financial year

Fund Allocation
  • £1042 - PRU (5 eligible pupils)
  • £2917 - Brownhill (14 eligible pupils)
Our PE & Sports Grant is used to provide additional sports opportunities for primary aged pupils after school and during the holidays.  During the academic year 2015/16 the Youth Team and the extended schools staff ran a football club, a football tournament and a  play scheme with sports included.  6 pupils participated in these activities.

A member of our home tuition teaching staff is providing lacrosse at break and lunchtimes for primary pupils to encourage pupils to partake in a sporting activity that they would not normally be able to access.  Currently 7 of our current cohort of 8* PRS pupils are participating. 

This academic year 2016/17 the Youth Team are currently running an after school club with sports and games to increase pupils experience of physical activities.  Other sporting activities will be planned for every school holiday period during 2017. 

*Due to fluctuation  in pupil numbers, we currently have 8 primary pupils on PRS roll.