Brownhill Learning Community


Brownhill Learning Community(BLC) Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programmes contribute to preparing the young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and life experiences on leaving BLC.

Our programme provides students with information to make informed choices to help manage transition to Post 16 Education, Training or Employment.

We conform to Current Best Practice in CEIAG as laid down by the government and also hold the Inspiring IAG Award at Gold Level which evidences the fact that we are continually updating  and reviewing our provision to make sure it is suitable for our students.

Our planned programme for all Year 7 - 11 students is in partnership with other agencies and supported by Positive Steps, who are Rochdale's commissioned provision for Support and Guidance Services.


Stella Oldham - Learning Support Manager

Diane Wilkinson - Progression Officer

Sinead Timmins - Positive Steps Advisor

CEIAG Parental Evaluation/ Feedback Form

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NEET Information 

NEET means not in education, employment or training.
  • Only 25% of year 11 students who moved on in 2015 fell into this category.  
  • 24% of year 12-14 students fell into this category when data was checked in February 2016.